Caramel Colours


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Sulfite Ammonia Caramel Colours

Mascot's Type IV Caramel Colour is produced by a carefully controlled heat treatment of food-grade carbohydrates in the presence of both ammonium and sulphite compounds and exhibits a strong negative ionic charge. This colour is widely used in the soft drink industry for its excellent acid stability.

This type of caramel colour is most widely consumed in the worldwide market for its greater cost efficiency, which has contributed to its rapid acceptance. The terms "single strength" and "double strength" are used in Type IV Caramel for describing its relative colours strength and may cover different ranges of colour.


Carbonated Beverages, Country Liquor, Sauces, Confectionery, Pharmaceuticals, Bakery

Colour Intensity (Percent by mass) 0.10-0.60
Specific Gravity @ 20°C 1.25-1.30
PH "as is" 2.8-3.5
Ionic Character(Colloidal Charge) Negative
Standard Plate Count Max. 200/g
Yeast Max. 10 Cfu/g
Mold Max. 10 Cfu/g
E.coli Less than 3/g
Salmonella/25g Negative
Storage Conditions Not to be exposed to direct sun light. To be stored in dry environment below 32°C.
Shelf Life One year under the above mentioned storage conditions
Packaging: As Per Requirement.